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Volvo Cars Plan Joint Venture with ECARX

Volvo Cars and ECARX plan to set up a new joint venture for development and commercialization of a infotainment system platform.  The joint venture would allow both companies to speed up technology development, create new revenue and improve cost efficiency.  Volvo Cars and ECARX will continue to expand the development of Volvo Cars’ infotainment system platform.  The platform will be available to all Geely Group and affiliate brands.  “The infotainment system in Volvo’s latest cars is one of the best on the market, rivaling mobile phones in user experience,” says Henrik Green, chief technology officer at Volvo Cars. “Through this joint venture, we can speed up development of the system, bring high quality infotainment to more cars and maximise incentives for companies and developers to create great services and apps for the users of the platform.”

“With profound accumulation in in-vehicle infotainment systems and the intelligent connected field, ECARX is committed to becoming the leading power in automotive intelligence technology in China,” says Ziyu Shen, chief executive officer at ECARX. “This joint venture will be another important move for ECARX’s globalisation strategy. It will start the partnership between ECARX and Volvo Cars, integrates their respective technical advantages to bring global consumers connected infotainment experiences that lead the industry, and paves the way for further cooperation.”

Volvo Cars plans to integrate the platform developed in the joint venture into Volvo Cars and Polestar cars with their own unique user interfaces.