Wal-Mart Tries Uber and Lyft for Delivery

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) wants to innovate. After investing in increasing its presence online, the giant retailer wants to deliver groceries to your door, and it is testing the new planned delivery service with Uber and Lyft.

Michael Bender, EVP and COO of Walmart Global eCommerce, said in a statement, “We’ve been working on convenient new ways to make shopping easier for our busy customers and members…“We’re thrilled about the possibility of delivering new convenient options to our customers, and about working with some transformative companies in this test.”

The idea behind the delivery system is simple. A customer orders groceries online, a shopper selects the products that were ordered, and requests a driver from one of the services (UBER or Lyft), who then picks up the order to the customer’s location.   

According to Wal-Mart it will not be difficult to implament such a system, since about 90% of shoppers using the online grocery service are repeat customers.

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