Walmart and Always® Work Together with Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Laurie Hernandez to Support Girls in Sports | Financial Buzz

Walmart and Always® Work Together with Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Laurie Hernandez to Support Girls in Sports

Walmart and Always team up with Olympic gold medalist Laurie Hernandez to encourage girls to stay in sports as it will help shape who they become.  Millions of girls quit sports at puberty as many don’t realize the long term value of participation in them.  Sports help develop confidence and skills to do whatever she’s passionate about in life.  Always and Walmart have donated USD 250,000 to the women’s Sports Foundation to help girls stay in sports.  For every view of the #KeepHerPlaying video on from December 28th, 2020 to January 31st, 2021, Walmart will donate an additional USD 1 to potential total donation of USD 500,000. 

Having an engaged support system helps girls feel encouraged to stay in sports.  Sports are important in building life skills and helps them stay motivated even when things get tough.  “Throughout my athletic career, my parents’ support has meant the world to me. They’ve kept me going in the moments where I wanted to give up and have helped me zoom out and see how sports would benefit me long after my Olympic run,” Hernandez said. “I want all girls to feel the support I have always felt, so they are inspired to become who they want to be. This is why I’m excited to team up with Always and Walmart to help #KeepHerPlaying. Together, we can help keep more girls playing, feeling confident and striving for a better future.”

Research indicates that girls benefit heavily from sports, from leadership, confidence and teamwork documented as the top three benefits.  “Always has been committed to championing girls’ confidence for more than 35 years, and this is especially important now. We know the transformative power sports can have in unleashing that confidence, and that is why we want to help,” says Hesham Tohamy, Senior Vice President Feminine Care Procter & Gamble. “Always has been working with Walmart for more than four years to help girls thrive through our Live #LikeAGirl and #EndPeriodPoverty programs. This time, we are uniting forces again to rally everyone to encourage the girls in their life to keep playing. Their participation leads to developing the skills and confidence needed to do anything they put their mind to. Ultimately, it’s not how far she gets in sports, but how far sports can take her.”

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