Walmart Could Deliver Groceries Straight to Your Fridge

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) announced that they are testing a service with a tech company called August Home where workers can deliver goods all the way to shoppers’ kitchens as well as unloading the items into refrigerators and freezers if the shopper is not home. The company is looking for any new advantage with delivering groceries over Amazon after their rival acquired Whole Foods. Walmart is testing this new idea in Silicon Valley and restricting it to August Home customers to opt in. An August Home smart lock is required that will let a delivery person from Deliv enter the house. The driver will be granted a one-time permission for entry and a customer can monitor what is going on through a security camera after alerted that the driver has arrived through text. After the delivery is done, the shopper will get a notification that the August lock has been closed.

The company also introduced a membership free, 2-day shipping program which is a discount for customers who pick up an online order. Other services include curbside grocery pickup at hundreds of locations as well as having a Walmart store employee drop off an online order on the way home after their shift.

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