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Walmart Membership is Now Available

Walmart, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) new membership option is now available to customers across the country. Customers within the United States may sign up for Walmart+, a new membership option that helps customers save time and money.  Walmart+ is aimed at making life easier for busy families by offering free delivery from its stores that include online offerings and more.  Members will have unlimited free delivery from stores with discounts and access to tools that make shopping faster.  The membership is priced at USD 98 per year or USD 12.95 per month.  Customers may sign up for the membership at

“We can’t wait for customers to use Walmart+ as a way to keep more time on their calendars and money in their pockets,” said Janey Whiteside, chief customer officer, Walmart. “We designed Walmart+ to be the ultimate life hack for customers, pulling together benefits they told us would be most helpful to them today and in the future. Its usefulness will only grow from here.”

Unlimited free delivery, Scan & Go and Fuel discounts are among the benefits that Walmart+ currently offers.