Warren Buffett Rebukes Trump claims during Omaha Rally

With a raucous crowd of 3,100 people in a Omaha high school, billionaire Warren Buffett made strong remarks against Trump. As part of Hillary Clinton’s rally in the state, the “Omaha Oracle” gave a 30 minute speech criticizing Trump an his claims over the recent weeks. The two main points of his speech focused on Trump’s criticism of Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who spoke at the DNC last week and Trump’s refusal to reveal his tax returns.

The Khan Incidentand the IRS

Last week, in Philadelphia, lKhizr Khan went on stage to talk about his son, Humayun Khan, who had passed away in Iraq in the year 2004. Khan was an Army captain and his father went on stage to showcase the ridiculousness of Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the US. This week, Trump retaliated by claiming that it was a “vicious attack” against him.Khan went on to accuse Trump of misunderstanding the constitution and claimed that Trump had made no such sacrifices for the country. Trump claimed that he had a made a lot of sacrifices but didn’t elaborate. Buffett contradicted Trump and made it clear that neither he nor his family had ever served in the army or made such sacrifices for the country. He also pointed out that he and Trump had done quiet well during this period.

Buffett went on to criticize Trump’s business acumen and questioned his bankruptcies. He rebuked Trump’s previous claim that he could not reveal his tax returns as his company was being  audited by the IRS. Buffett admitted that he was also being audited but made a proposal to Trump to meet and disclose their tax simultaneously, anytime before the elections and answer any questions that voters had about them. Buffett ended his speech by saying that Trump wasn’t afraid of the IRS but he was afraid of the voters.

Drive2Vote Initiative

During the rally, Buffett also announced his support for the  Drive2Vote initiative, that focuses on getting people who have difficulty traveling to voting booths across the country.He pledged to drive 10 people to the booths himself and said that he had reserved a 32 seat trolley for the same purpose. He also hoped to make Omaha the district with the highest voter turnout in the country. Clinton added that if that became true, she would come back to Omaha and dance with Buffett on the streets of Omaha. 

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