Washington Stands Still in Dread Prior to Mueller Dismissal

Washington seems to be cloaked in anxious anticipation right now. Why? There is a high chance of potential arrests after the grand federal jury approving its first ever charges in the controversial Russia investigation.

Special counsel at the Justice Department, Robert Mueller, will take one or a few individuals into custody, and this might force the White House to face a new, vulnerable reality. This investigation will dig deep into the Russian interference in the last US presidential elections, including the alleged scheming by the President’s associates.

Investigations into Russia involvement in elections continue

The President and his associates have denied any conspiring acts and no solid evidence has come out of Mueller’s close investigation and numerous congressional inquiries of illegal connections with powerful Russians. Any report of charges will likely create complications since the White House has argued that the entire Russia situation is simply a Democratic scheme that was triggered by Hillary Clinton’s loss in the elections last year.

Numerous strands of investigation have been taken up by the special counsel. These include probes into Paul Manafort’s business affairs. Manfort was the ex-campaign chairman for Trump. There were also claims that the officials in Trump’s campaign team, including Michael Flynn, Security Adviser, behaved out of order by maintaining alleged connections with officials from Russia.

Trump to fire Mueller?

Throughout this Russia probe, there have been several occasions when Trump’s behavior has put him at a bigger risk; for instance, the firing of Comey and eventual appointment of Mueller. The political vulnerability of the President is also becoming increasingly acute.

There continues to be widespread speculation that Trump might decide to fire Mueller and this act could ultimately lead to constitutional chaos and put the Congress Republican leaders in a risky political position.

The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal and a few conservative columnists have been advising Mueller on a resignation. They believe that Mueller’s history with the federal investigation body will make it very difficult for him to undertake a fair investigation of its involvement in this political drama with Russia.

Signs of Mueller moving ahead may also widen the divide within the Congress Republican Party since numerous senators have blamed Trump of corrupting the country, especially at a point when unity is sacred for pushing the tax reform.

The questions surrounding the investigation may also pursue the President on his most critical official trip thus far, as he gets ready to go to Asia.

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