Water Companies Price Gouge on Amazon in Preparation of Hurricane Irma

Social media users have noticed that water is being sold at high prices on Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) as Hurricane Irma nears Florida. Many photos have been shared on Twitter showing packs of water listed as high as $100 shaming Amazon for allowing these price hikes.

News have been reporting that Hurricane Irma has strengthened to an extremely dangerous Category 5 storm over the Atlantic Ocean. Winds are expected to reach the Caribbean on Tuesday moving near or over Antigua and Barbuda late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Florida is also expected to experience the hurricane’s landfall by the end of the week.

As many people prepare for the storm, social media users have continued to speak out about the price gouge on water being sold on the Amazon site. These follow similar claims made when Hurricane Harvey destroyed parts of Texas last week. As the hurricane is closing in, the public is urged to report instances of price gouging as it is illegal in a state of emergency.

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