WeWork to Acquire Meetup Inc.

WeWork has announced plans to buy Meetup Inc. in hopes to increase ways to use co working spaces around the world while also finding new strategies to grow revenue. This past year, WeWork has been acquiring many small startups including The Wing, Spacemob, and The Flatiron. The company is also testing a private elementary school for children in one location in New York.

Founded in 2002 and based in New York, Meetup’s main goal is to bring people together in real life into the online world and has raised about $18 million currently. The company hosts more than 500,000 meetups every month in over 180 countries with 35 million members gathering together on weeknights and weekends. WeWork on the other hand only has 10 million square feet of space in 17 countries that is mostly occupied on weekdays. The two companies are working hard together to provide more space for the community and this deal would add a new dimension to the growing brands. Now, WeWork has WeLive buildings where young professional leaders can share housing and is targeting the next generation of potential clients with their elementary school pilot program that is in the works currently. The company also recently acquired Lord & Taylor’s building in New York that is to be the future global headquarters.

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