What follows a ‘Trump rally’? Markets around the world are cautiously optimistic


There was global concern when Donald Trump won the election and declared the President of America. The markets were in a tizzy and many predicted immense gloom. The markets have bounced back fortunately with an upswing both in the country and globally. By ensuring that the economic growth of the country is boosted and making sure that jobs are provided to every earning individual, financial stability is well on its way to a steady recovery. Many of the markets have shown a higher opening at the end of the month. Given that December is a season that is full of cheer with Christmas and New Year around the corner, there may be highs and lows. In general, it definitely looks like there is festive cheer in the global markets.

The dollar has surged to an over 8 month high as against the yen. This is bound to affect the national treasury with huge dividends. With soaring oil prices, Wall Street has reason to smile and frown. The potential production deal with OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is bound to herald the cheers too even though some Asian markets look gloomy. Healthcare and real estate have shown immense promise, which is a great boon to the country’s current economic status. Gold, which is a huge investment, has also slid considerably drumming up the dollar. This is a definitely a welcome change after the lull over the past few months on envisaging how the markets would take to having Trump at the helm. That being said, it is wise to see that the situation is not as grim as pundits believed that it would be, prior to the outcome.

China and Japan noticeably have improved their stock values, as did South Korea because of progressive exports. India has been showing erratic growth patterns because of the demonetizingsituation, which may take a while for the markets to settle. Europe has also shown tremendous and considerable growth with the markets looking up for the festive season. Australia recorded a good surge in the markets but the value of the Australian dollar has taken a hit.  The time for investment is ripe with not very huge profit margins now to give you the hits that you may need to bring in 2017. Going forward, however, the future looks peachy and ideal to park your investments.

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