What, Hurricane Washer Lets My Vitamix and Blendtec WASH Fruits Too?

Hurricane Fruit Washer, LLC launched a Kickstarter campaign so that
Vitamix® and Blendtec® owners can soon wash fruits
and vegetables by placing the Hurricane Washer container onto their
Vitamix or Blendtec machine. “A Vitamix or Blendtec contains 2-3
horsepower. Now imagine using this power that’s readily available on
your kitchen countertop to power-wash all your greens,” said founder
Melody Lo.

The design includes a patent-pending (application no. 62386601120715),
96 oz container that holds most fruits and vegetables. Hurricane Fruit
Washer, LLC, inspired by the rise of the whole foods diet and the Local
Food Movement, encourages people to not only eat more whole foods for
health reasons, but also purchase produce at local farmer’s markets,
where the fruits and vegetables have a distinct, delicious flavor that
cannot be replicated by supermarket produce. Lo said, “Whole foods are
full of nutrients that are packaged in a way our bodies know how to
easily absorb. By simplifying the washing process into a convenient and
efficient solution, more people will reach for the healthy option
first.” You can fund Hurricane Fruit Washer’s Kickstarter campaign here.

About Hurricane Fruit Washer, LLC

Hurricane Fruit Washer, LLC is founded by Melody Lo, an incoming senior
at Campbell’s Westmont High School. Lo currently participates in a
4-year engineering program, where she has learned the basic engineering
disciplines of mechanics, circuits, and robotics/software control. The
program has given Lo the opportunity to participate in events that
encourage women to enter STEM fields such as Young Women in Tech by
Netflix and Silicon Valley Women in Engineering Conference hosted by San
Jose State University. Campbell Express interviewed Lo in their January
10, 2018 issue, where Lo discussed her experience in her engineering
program and the process of preparing her Kickstarter campaign. Lo feels
inspired by female entrepreneurs such as Debbie Sterling and Sophia


Fruit Washer Website

Express Interview

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