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What the IBM (NASDAQ: IBM) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Collaboration Means

IBM, Apple, CEO, CNBC, Documentary, What happens when two giants of the tech industry decide to work together? We will have an opportunity to watch how that scenario will unfold, as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook and IBM (NASDAQ: IBM) CEO Virginia Rometty called the partnership between the two companies akin to “puzzle pieces” that fit perfectly together.

In an interview CNBC’s Josh Lipton, they detailed a partnership that has been years in the making, how the two CEOs developed “tremendous trust and respect for each other.” Cook said the two companies have “no competition, but [are] totally complementary,” and called the partnership a “landmark” deal.

IBM chief Rometty outlined the three expressed goals of the alliance; Growth, unlocking value and removing obstacles. “One is growth, for both our companies. The second thing is this idea of… remaking business, and re-envisioning, reimagining professions. This is all about unlocking mobility in the enterprise and value that hasn’t been there today. The third thing is actually addressing the number one inhibitor… like security,” said Rometty.

With the partnership, Apple has access to the lean corporate sales force that IBM has. Apple’s recognition as a high quality consumer product is undeniable, but the same cannot be said about Apple as a product for businesses. With IBM, Apple taps into all the corporate accounts of the former and gets a first-hand look at what businesses truly need. The possibilities for new products and services are endless.

The same could be said for IBM. The New York-based technology company will be given access to all the data and analytics abilities of Apple, allowing them to foresee problems, and tailor services to the needs of their customers.

New products from their cooperative efforts are expected to debut in the fall. Much attention has been drawn to Apple and IBM’s past conflicts, most notably Apple’s “IBM is Big Brother” campaign, but the two companies have worked together in the past before. Unfortunately, all past collaborative efforts bore no fruits. This time around, things may be different.