White House backs Policy to curb Violence in Schools

The White House has announced that it will be supporting a new program to be launched by the Justice Department in order to counter school violence. Under this program, teachers and other school personnel will be trained to carry and handle firearms as part of a safety program.

Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, will also be acting as the chairperson of a government commission targeted at preventing school violence. Such steps are the result of the mass shooting in Parkland that caused seventeen fatalities.

The education secretary spoke about the urgency of the matter saying that there is absolutely no time to lose. She emphasizes that she and the government do not want another family to have to go through losing their beloved ones again.

The commission and policy for curbing school violence

The commission will be including teachers and the required documentation and work will be completed within a year. State and local law enforcement will be allowed to utilize the existing funds in the Justice Department to support these programs.

The commission will be looking into various subject matters like the school discipline efforts during Obama's presidency, the growing impact of video games on violence in the youth of today, and the impact of press coverage.

The program will also be seeking out immediate policy proposals in order to improve the background checks when it comes to purchasing firearms.

The administration is calling upon states to exercise vigilant orders to protect citizens against harm. The White House has also been backing a bill called STOP School Violence Act. The bill will be repurposing a Justice Department program worth $50 million for school safety.

The policy, however, has not dealt with important aspects, like raising the minimum age for purchasing firearms to 21. The Trump administration has said that age restrictions will be discussed by states and will be addressed by the commission.

The policy will also support military veterans who want to enter the teaching field. Attorneys, in general, will be encouraged to audit school compliance with activities regarding emergency safety. The policy will also look at improving the involvement of mental health professionals with school officials.

The policies are being criticized by Democrats for not doing enough to completely curb school violence. The group calls the policy baby steps towards curbing what is now a major flaw in the system. One that needs to be addressed before it gets further out of hand.

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