WhiteStar Corporation Becomes Official Reseller of Parcel Boundary Data from Digital Map Products

Corp., a 29-year-old data and software company offering software and
land survey data, announced today it has signed a partnership agreement
with Digital Map Products, Inc. (DMP), the leading provider of
cloud-based location
technology and data. Under the terms of the agreement, WhiteStar
will sell and service parcel boundary data from DMP. Additionally, the
agreement allows both companies to pursue incremental growth
opportunities with the coupling of their unique strengths in the market.

WhiteStar’s WhiteStar
Legal Mapper offers the most granular land mapping possible and can
incorporate DMP’s industry standard SmartParcels® parcel boundary data,
updated quarterly by DMP. The WhiteStar Legal Mapper effectively maps
lease agreements, rights of way, compliance requirements and enables
utility land base conversions. In addition, WhiteStar has indexed the
DMP parcel data to WhiteStar
Grid, making it easy for users to retrieve data by bounding box,
county, state, township-range or Texas abstract. WhiteStar personnel can
also help get lengthy land legal descriptions mapped and into a GIS

The agreement extends the capabilities of WhiteStar Cloud, an intuitive
web map interface offering instant delivery of DMP data. Users of WhiteStar
Cloud can specify an area of interest using a web map interface and
then “clip, zip and ship” that data for output into a variety of formats
and coordinate systems. Users can also stream data directly into their
Esri ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online sessions. OGC WMS and
WFS streams are also available.

“This unique partnership with DMP provides our customers with the parcel
data required to make accurate and actionable maps. Our partnership is
an absolute win for customers in oil and gas, forestry, pipeline and
utility industries trying to map their own infrastructure onto an
accurate land base. We have the people, data and software to get there
as well as a proven track record to realize a healthy ROI,” said Robert
White, president of WhiteStar Corp.

WhiteStar chose to sign a partnership agreement with Digital Map
Products due to DMP’s commitment to bring the power of location to more
than 350,000 users in a variety of end markets, including real estate,
government, technology and utilities. Today, DMP’s location technology
and data are used by four out of the six top real estate websites, four
out of the top five commercial brokerage firms, all 10 of the top home
builder brands, more than 200 cities and counties, and four of the
largest gas and electric utility companies in the United States.

“The WhiteStar Corporation is the perfect fit to sell and support DMP
parcel boundary data while integrating its own value-added services.
We’re pleased to enter into this relationship with WhiteStar and look
forward to a continued commitment between our two companies,” said Jim
Skurzynski, founder and CEO at DMP. “This partnership will improve
accessibility to critical data for decision makers by expanding the
availability of SmartParcels to new audiences, providing custom data
sets on demand.”

About WhiteStar Corporation

The WhiteStar Corporation, headquartered in Lakewood, Colo., is a
29-year old data and software company offering land mapping SaaS
solutions and curated land survey data. The company licenses a highly
detailed international dataset of unique Public Land Survey data
including lot, tract and quarter information. The data can either be
streamed as a web service or downloaded in the desired format and
coordinate system from databases located in WhiteStar Cloud. The
WhiteStar Legal Mapper Software as a Service converts legal descriptions
from hard copy documents into spatially referenced polygons that can be
further analyzed to support decision making. To learn more, visit www.whitestar.com.

About Digital Map Products

Digital Map Products, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is the leading
provider of cloud-based location
technology and content solutions that bring the power of spatial
technology to over 350,000 mainstream business, government and consumer
users. SpatialStream®, the company’s spatial development platform,
enables API access to mapping technology and location data sets. Its
SmartParcels® nationwide parcel and property data sets provide
unparalleled location context, accuracy and interactivity. The company’s
SaaS products include LandVision™ for real estate and GovClarity® for
local government. For more information, visit www.digmap.com.

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