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Why Covid-19 is the Perfect Time to Study for an MBA

The COVID-19 pandemic is a worrying and confusing time for us all. Our lives have been bought to a standstill and we have had to adapt our work and home life in order to protect ourselves and others from this invisible killer. Even though these times are stressful, we currently have a lot of free time on our hands that we will never get back. Even if we are working from home, the majority of us have the opportunity to use this time to better our lives and ourselves, which could benefit us in the future.

Professional qualifications in business or an MBA can benefit us in many ways. Many employers commend a professional business qualification and it will make you highly employable in the future. If you are looking for a career change or wish to increase your future career options, then you should look at studying an online business qualification.

Here is why COVID-19 is the perfect time to study for an MBA.

Keeps Your Mind Busy

Keeping our minds busy during lockdown is very important. Many of us have hobbies and things we can do at home to feel productive, but after a certain amount of time, there is only so much of your hobby or home workouts that can make you feel good about yourself. When each day is the same and social interaction is restricted, it is very easy to feel like you are going crazy.

  • Using your time in a productive manner by studying an MBA will help to keep you distracted while being productive.

Protects Our Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is a struggle during this time. For some of us, we feel lonely, stressed, and frustrated due to the pandemic and it can be hard to remain positive during this time. This strain on our mental health can have devastating effects on certain people. If you feel like your mental health could be at risk or lockdown is taking a toll, studying an MBA may be the best way forward

  • There is no better time than the present to study a business qualification, as it will keep your mind positive and distracted.

Makes You More Employable

Once you have achieved your business qualification, you will be much more employable in the future. As mentioned in the introduction, many career paths require a degree or qualification in business and employers will favor applicants who have obtained this qualification. You can study at the University of Redlands online MBA from the comfort of your own home.

  • It is easy to work and carry on your hobbies and exercise routines around an online MBA, which is highly recommended.

Improves Current Job Performance

If you are currently in a job that would appreciate a business qualification, then studying during the pandemic will improve your current job performance from home or in the future. This alone can provide you with motivation and a positive outlook on the future, especially if you aspire to do well in life and enjoy working in the world of business.

  • This could help you achieve targets or stand out to managers if a promotion or a new job position becomes available

Improves Your Skill Set

We all have things about ourselves that we would like to improve, but we never have the time to focus on doing so, especially if the things you want to improve are skills that require education and practice. Using this time to study an MBA will be able to improve your skillset, which can make you better at work or during your everyday life.

  • An MBA can increase your self-confidence, credibility, curiosity, strategic thinking, communication skills, self-discipline, and time management.

Gives You Some Motivation

Self-motivation is an attribute that everyone should try to achieve. It can improve your frame of mind, your lifestyle choices, and your skillset. Unfortunately, during lockdown, it can be difficult to remain self-motivated when everything that surrounds you is negative. However, studying an MBA during this time will help to keep your self-motivation up.

  • Studying an MBA will provide you with something to focus on, something to look forward to, and an overall positive future.

Many of us put opportunities to study to the side because we have too many things on our plate. In this current period of time, our schedules will be a lot emptier. Finding something productive to keep our minds busy can benefit our future as well as our mental health. This is extremely important during these unsettling times and will make you feel more positive about your future.