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Why should businesses consider Cryptocurrency?

In an ever-changing digital environment, there is already a host of reasons for businesses to adopt technological innovation. Whether they are concerned with cybersecurity integrity or are just looking to make processes simpler for clients and customers, there is usually a modern solution for it. With cryptocurrency, many more businesses are understanding how this will drive transactions and finance in the future, adopting and accepting payment in this form now rather than later. So why should businesses consider cryptocurrency? Here are a few of the main considerations.

There are millions of users

Over the last decade or so since Bitcoin emerged, there has been a steady influx in cryptocurrencies and users. This now equates to millions of users worldwide who have active digital wallets they have invested in and are wanting to spend or trade, with many more to come. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, some of the biggest global brands are accepting payment in this way, such as Microsoft, PayPal, Tesla, Starbucks, as well as many smaller companies. This raises the expectation that more companies will follow suit. If a client or customer approached your business wanting to make a large transaction using a cryptocurrency, would you want to have to turn them away?

As well as the big names in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Binance, there are many other altcoins with a large community of users. Floki Coin is one of the many memecoins that provide an alternative, formed out of the surge in popularity of Dogecoin that is a top ten cryptocurrency.  Whilst currently providing the potential for a gaming metaverse and NFT marketplace, rapid growth as seen with other emerging coins could see altcoins like this become mainstream. For businesses large and small, being prepared for more demand from users wanting to trade in cryptocurrency is crucial.

Secure, Real-Time Transactions

For receiving payments, blockchain technology at the core of cryptocurrency enables secure, private, and fast transactions. As it is decentralized, there is no middle-man such as a bank that means cheaper transactions and reduced waiting times. In terms of international trade, this provides real-time transactions as there is no need for two banks to communicate to process payment. As well as how fast you can receive payment from anywhere in the world, it’s all done with high-end encryption, meaning the transaction stays private and secure between the two parties.

One way that a business can start to receive cryptocurrency payments without having their own digital assets already is to convert payment. Third-party vendors can help facilitate this process and turn a payment via a cryptocurrency into real-world currency, or fiat money. This type of service would come with a fee as it is through a third-party, so would have to be considered if suitable for a business.

New opportunities for revenue

Alongside the millions of active users and thousands of digital currency options, cryptocurrency adoption can identify new revenue sources and demographics. By offering this as a method of payment, a business can open the door to new consumers or clients and create a buzz around being a forward-thinking company. As there are many different cryptocurrencies available, the more you are willing to accept as payment, the more opportunity for growth and higher revenues.

As the markets can be volatile and new digital currencies have come and gone in the last few years, taking a cautious approach to this is ideal. If embraced, more options to grow in international markets are possible than without. Eventually, cryptocurrency use will become more widespread and accepted for all types of transactions, but it depends on the willingness of companies large and small to begin adoption in the present, something consumer demand will drive.

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