Wikipedia Founder starts News Website WikiTribune

Founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, announced the launching of a new project designed to help reshape the news media, specifically solving the big problem of misinformation. The website,, will be built on the same collaborative principles as the revolutionary online encyclopedia.

On the website page, the founders explain, “WikiTribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community ?of volunteers together.  We want to make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events. And that stories can be easily verified and improved.”  

“The news is broken and we can fix it. We’re bringing genuine community control to our news with unrestricted access for all. We’re developing a living, breathing tool that’ll present accurate information with real evidence, so that you can confidently make up your own mind.”

What will separate WikiTribune from other news sites are visible sources. Journalists will show you where the is information is gathered from, and then readers will be able to make their own mind based on it. 

“Facts can be presented with bias, taken out of context and most recently a lot of facts are just plain…made-up. Supporting WikiTribune means ensuring that that journalists only write articles based on facts that they can verify. Oh, and that you can see their sources. That way you can make up your own mind.”

Another crucial difference between WikiTribune and other news sources is that it is, “100% ad-free, no one’s relying on clicks to appease advertisers; no one’s got a vested interest in anything other than giving you real news. There’s no paywall, so anyone can read Wikitribune. Anyone can flag or fix an article and submit it for review.” 

WikiTribune currently raising funds to start their website, with 29 days to go.

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