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Will Trump Succeed in Repealing Obamacare?

President Trump has made no bones about his dissatisfaction with his predecessor's Affordable Care act or Obama Care as it is popularly known and he had promised, during his campaign, to repeal the act as soon as he came to the Oval Office. However, it hasn't been as easy as he expected to actually get the job done. Trump has not only faced strong opposition from the Democrats from also from within his own ranks as some Republicans are hesitant to scrap the health care act in absence of a better alternative. In fact, Trump's move to push for a scrap seems to be impractical given that a new policy to take its place has not yet been finalized and even a clear cut picture of what it might be like is not yet available. Given this, it seemed impossible for Trump to actually fulfill his campaign promise until now. However, new developments indicate that he may finally be able to do it, after all and maybe soon.

New revised regulation up for vote

In what seems to be a step forward, finally, for the Trump camp in the healthcare act matter, the Republicans have scheduled a vote on newly revised legislation. The vote is coming up on Thursday in the House of Representatives and the Republicans appear to be confident that it will pass.  The key positive to be noted is that many Republicans who were earlier opposed to Trump's bill have now given their blessings to this new bill. This could well be all it takes to over whelm the Democrat support for the existing provisions of the healthcare plan. The bill has already come through a procedural step that has enabled its placement in the House of Representatives.

Senate will be the big test

Going by the confidence shown by the Republicans, it does appear that the bill will go through the House but it still has an uphill battle to face. At Senate level, the bill may be thwarted if just a few supporters pull back and this could be a key concern to Trump and his team. In a bid to ensure that nothing like this happens to derail the bill, Trump has been calling in lawmakers and trying to canvass their support. The Democrats are still expected to oppose the bill but it remains to be seen if full- fledged Republican support is enough to push it through.

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