Wireless Systems Solutionss New Channel Emulation System Doubles Capacity of Current Systems on the Market, Supports New Radio Communications Systems | Financial Buzz

Wireless Systems Solutionss New Channel Emulation System Doubles Capacity of Current Systems on the Market, Supports New Radio Communications Systems

Wireless Systems Solutions (WSS), a leading provider of wireless broadband access products, is announcing the launch of its new Test & Measurement platform, the CE-9000, an advanced channel emulator for high bandwidth multiple port RF channels.

The new platform doubles the capacity of previous channel emulators on the market and is capable of supporting new and important radio communications systems including 5G, 6G, Satcom for Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), Mid-Earth Orbit & Geostationary Orbit Satellites, Radar systems, WiFi and more.

CE-9000 offers support for SISO and MIMO configurations, variable channel bandwidths, fading models, communication protocols and dynamic scenarios to test modems and wireless network nodes in the most demanding channel conditions. Current implementation supports operating bandwidths from 35Mhz to 7000Mhz with an additional extension for FR2 frequencies.

Feature Snapshot Includes:

  • Supports 5G/LTE/WLAN/Radar/Satcom infrastructure and device testing
  • Networked application performance testing and propagation conditions
  • 128 bi-directional ports
  • 40-1400 MHz RF bandwidth
  • SISO & MIMO Configurations
  • 256-1000 digital paths including path delay with up to 1 sec analog delay, normal path delay configurations of up to 3 msec and small-scale delays up to 20 usec
  • Channel modeling software for generating standard and proprietary channel models from measurements, statistical models and standard channel specifications

The wireless radio communications market is undergoing a generational shift, not just from 4G to 5G, but also in WiFi, satellite communications, and more. The new CE-9000 platform will be a central piece of test equipment critical for the development and validation of the latest radio technologies that require massive antenna systems over long ranges. It will also include 2x-3x the bandwidth that is being used in previous industry solutions and is suitable for Millimeter wave technology – a key component in 5G. With the CE-9000, WSS is targeting the next generation of 5G/6G, Satcom, DoD, radio technology OEMs, test-houses and more with a turnkey solution that will accelerate development and rollout of products with minimal configuration.

About WSS

Based in the Research Triangle Park area in Durham, North Carolina, Wireless Systems Solutions (WSS) is a designer and developer of end-to-end multi-standard, frequency band agnostic, and wireless network solutions for multiple markets. WSS also provides high performance network infrastructure solutions for demanding markets including unique architectures that incorporate the need for tiered levels of intelligence going from the device to the cloud.


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