Wirths, Kansas Shooting Suspect, Owes $400,000 in Taxes

Ricky Todd Wirths, a Wichita, Kansas resident, was being investigated by Kansas Department of Revenue for almost $400,000 in backpay of sales taxes related to the construction business owned by him. The 51-year-old came to the spotlight after he walked into the Wichita tax office and shot Cortney Holloway, an agent responsible for tax seizures. The two men were engaged in discussions when suddenly Wirths brought out a gun and shot the 35-year-old government employee. The latter is now in a stable condition. His department works to seize property so that back taxes can be recovered.

Unpaid sales taxes

Sam Brownback, the Kansas Governor, said in his statement that Holloway was simply doing what he was entrusted to do. He requested the public to pray for the agent and his family. As per court records, about $196,455.46 was generated as first tax warrant. These were the unpaid sales tax amount. The latter was filed on June 1 against Wirths. The latter was conducting business in the name of Rick Wirths Construction. Another tax warrant was duly filed against the company on June 13 for about $198,250.02 in the consumers compensating use tax. The latter was also not paid. It was issued for sales tax imposed on merchandise purchased outside Kansas state for use within the state. The tax warrants were for the tax periods from June 2012 to the July 2015 period.

According to Sam Williams, the Revenue Secretary, the seizing of assets is the last resort. He reminded the reader who read the news release that tax agents work hard in excellent faith with taxpayers to set up the payment plans. If these efforts fail, Kansas law will be applied to recover those debts.

Asset seizure and shooting

As per Kansas Department of Revenue, it started to seize assets at 11:59 am on September 19. Assets were seized in conjunction with the sheriff deputies of Sedgwick County. According to the police, they received a call concerning the tax office shooting around 2:40 pm. The list of seized assets includes bank accounts, personal properties, and business inventory. All properties will be sold at the public auction with the proceeds being paid to satisfy the delinquent taxes.

According to Sergeant Chad Beard, Wirths was arrested approximately 30 minutes after he shot Holloway. Law enforcement personnel stopped the businessman down a street near his house. Employees of the Revenue Department and the sheriff's deputies had visited a residence in that same era a little while before in order to investigate Wirths.

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