Wisconsin Assembly Approves $3 Billion Foxconn Project

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Assembly announced that they plan on approving a $3 billion project for Foxconn Technology Group to build a massive display panel factory in the state. This plant would be the first outside of Asia for liquid crystal display panels used in television, computers, medicine, and other fields. $10 billion would be invested in the state and 13,000 employees is to be hired that would be spread over a 20 million square foot area estimated to start building in 3 years.

However, the state’s unemployment level is 3.1% and there has been a shortage of skilled workers making critics question on whether or not there will be enough trained people for the high tech work at the plant. Many people who oppose this project worry that there are many environmental regulations that would be waived under this deal, such as preparing an environmental impact statement. The Wisconsin chapter of the Americans for Prosperity group already is against this project opposing government tax incentives. The state’s taxpayers will take at least 25 years to break even under this deal and Democrats already complain that the bill is moving too quickly through the Republican controlled Legislature. Wisconsin would need to approve the incentive package and secure the 1.56 square miles of land for the deal by end of next month.

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