Wisconsin Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to Start


For Laura Gallagher, the month of November 2016 changed her life. The CEO and founder of The Creative Company was in New York at that time. She found herself near the venue where Women's Entrepreneurship Day was being celebrated, and being an entrepreneur herself, decided to enter the United Nations Plaza where it was being held. She soon found herself listening intently to speeches being made by a number of powerful women like Kay Koplovitz, the USA Network founder and Mindy Grossman, the Weight Watchers CEO. She then realized that these amazing people have struggled hard, just like her. They, like Gallagher herself, had grit and persevered until they tasted success.

Investing for good

The emboldened Gallagher wanted to import that experience to Wisconsin, her home state. She, just after the United Nations event, applied to hold the post of Wisconsin ambassador for WED program. Her proposal was accepted. She opted to get out of a single event like breakfast and went for a full day affair packed with events and full of speakers. She termed this decision as one of the riskiest she has ever done in her life. Gallagher claims that she has invested all her money and her resources, including every network connection she had to make the event a success. She said that she understood that risk is a component of any kind of entrepreneurial venture- and decided to take the leap.

On November 15, Wisconsin will witness the inauguration of its maiden Women's Entrepreneurship Day Wisconsin or WEDWisconsin. The venue is Monona Terrace. The aim of this venture is to provide support to all women, and not restrict itself to women who have begun their own businesses. The aim is to live out the entrepreneurial mindset.

Day's activities

The day will concentrate on combating the disparities which business women encounter. Women are the majority owners of 38 percent of all American businesses. Despite this, they receive only two percent of Venture Capital funding. Business loans are given to women at lower rates. Conditions are even tougher for women of color. This event is being held to correct such anomalies. According to Gallagher, such kind of events will support women and will result in an exponential economic impact. She has done substantial work in the non-profit sector during last decade. Her experience has led her to believe that economic empowerment brings positive results.

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