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WiTricity- Unplugging Power

Wireless, MIT, Idea, MacArthurRemember the time when everything had a wire or a cord? TV’s, VCR’s even telephones, well it seems like the era of wires is coming to end, that is if WiTricity has anything to do with it. Founded in 2007 by a group of MIT physicists, WiTricity aims to do away with all cords and wires, untangling everyone’s lives by eliminating the power cord.

When you think about your everyday routine, it is almost impossible to do so without using something that is plugged into an outlet at some point or another. WiTricity Corp. realized that they could do away with plugging in, by utilizing the magnetic fields generated by electrical wiring. Professor Solja?i? (Board Member and Founder of WiTricity), who invented the technology, was awarded the MacArthur Fellowship or  “Genius Grant” in 2008 for this innovation.

This idea may sound crazy, and even dangerous to some, but fear not, WiTricity is not shooting electricity through the air and into your pocket to charge your phone. Instead, they are creating magnetic fields. With the use of a “Source Resonator”, which resembles the back of a refrigerator with intricate copper coiling. When another coil is brought within range, a charge is generated with no wires needed.

This also means no more extension cords because the fields are not interrupted by normal building materials or people walking between them. They will, in fact, be using the same kind of fields made by WiFi routers. If all goes according to WiTricity’s plans, you will be able to charge your electric car while it sits in your driveway, your smartphone will charge while in your pocket and you can mount your TV anywhere you wanted with no thought of where an outlet is, you could even walk around your home with a lamp in hand to light your way down to the basement. The technology does not stop in the home either; WiTricity is working with an undisclosed medical company to charge a left ventricular assist device which normally has a limited battery life.

Though Nikola Tesla, dreamed of wireless power over a century ago, it has only recently become a reality. WiTricity currently has 5 products which serve 2 purposes; direct wireless power or automatic wireless charging. Their products are not currently available for consumers, but for educators and developers.