Women Living in Poverty Due to Inequality in Wages

Wage inequality in the United States of America has been a very compounded and long overdue problem in the country. This inequality is still something that the nation seems to be intensely fighting. Women in America currently earn 70 percent of their male counterparts in terms of salary structures within the organization. Additionally, this is something that can be noticed only on a senior management level, as there are fewer CEO level females within the larger corporations of the United States. This makes the problem much more intense to work on.

Women who have worked and cared for several years do not seem to be getting their fair share of the pie after retirement. This brought back the gender equality debate back into American forums. This debate has lasted for years, and while many organizations are now ensuring equal pay for equal work, there is still a large chunk of the market that still adheres to conventional norms of paying male employees more. The survey also delineated that women may be living in poverty by the age of 65 and the situation might worsen by the time they fall within the 70-75 year bracket when they might become impoverished.

It seems that as the issue moves to women, the racial issue plays an even larger role. African-American women seem to be the most affected within the nation. Most women live in poverty after retirement even after putting away majority of their savings in their social security, but in the case of African American women and Hispanics, almost all women seem to be destined for poverty post-retirement.


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