World First AI Material Prediction Platform Launched Limited Number of Beta User Opportunities Available

Since the time of Thomas Edison, scientists have been using the same
methods to prospect for materials: trial and error in the laboratory.
With today’s science researchers do more sophisticated trial and error,
and have some level of simulation capability, but materials discovery
is still tedious, expensive and slow. As a result, only a small
number of all known compounds have been characterized, and most
materials remain “undiscovered” for potential uses. Xaedra, an
artificial intelligence (AI) material prediction platform created by
Lumiant Corporation represents a massive step forward. Xaedra is the
first and only AI platform to successfully predict – not simulate – a
wide variety of properties for over 50,000 known compounds. Dr.
Pawel Pisarski, the creator of Xaedra, explains: “Xaedra first creates
atomistic “fingerprints” of the 50,000 known compounds in its database.
The user then can define a property of interest – mechanical, chemical,
thermodynamic, electrical or other. Like any machine learning system,
some level of measured data must be loaded into the database, then using
the “fingerprints” the neural network is trained and Xaedra makes a
prediction of the property for the remaining compounds.” Charlie Baker
P.E., leader of Xaedra Business Development: “We believe that Xaedra
will both enable and disrupt a wide range of technical fields,
including energy storage, electronics, solar cells, catalysts,
lightweight structures and many others. Prospecting for breakthrough
materials can be done at the computer, and lab resources redeployed to
confirmation and validation. We think this can both level the playing
field between entrepreneurs and established companies as well as spark a
wave of innovation in material science.” A limited number of Beta user
opportunities are available – details, a working demo and contact
information is at
Follow us on Twitter @XaedraAI.

About Lumiant

Lumiant is a Canadian-controlled private company dedicated to advanced
materials science. Its products and services include the Xaedra AI
platform as well as various patented leading-edge materials. Its first
novel material to market is TitanMade, a titanium-aluminide
intermetallic ceramic targeted initially at the ballistic vehicle armour
market. Beyond that, TitanMade has potential applications in numerous
other industrial applications.

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