Yankees and StubHub Become Partners

The New York Yankees have now partnered with StubHub, the nationwide ticket-re-seller. According to a news release from StubHub they are the now the official re-seller of the New York Yankees tickets. The New York Yankees and StubHub originally had a four year dispute. That dispute made it hard for Yankee ticket holder to download their tickets to StubHub. Now that they have a partnership, season ticket holders can sell their electronic tickets on StubHub instead of mailing them in.

According to CNN, the dispute began back in 2012 when StubHub, a unit of eBAY (NASDAQ: EBAY) had been selling Yankees tickets, while the Yankees launched their own ticket resale site.  Starting next month StubHub will be integrated into the Yankees ticket system, replacing the current Yankees Ticket Exchange.

A source close to the negotiations told Fortune that the price of the deal will depend on revenue share and or how many Yankees’ tickets are sold on StubHub. According to CNN, the game tickets are some of StubHub’s best-sellers. The new partnership and deal runs through 2022. Now as part of the deal ticket holders have to sell their tickets about half the face value on StubHub.

According to the New York Times, StubHub has been accused by the Yankees of underselling tickets cheaper. According to Fortune, The Yankees had originally partnered with Ticketmaster to set up the Ticket Exchange, a ticket resale site. This current season the Yankees had discontinued print-at-home tickets from StubHub. The team believed that the tickets created too much fraud because people can print multiple copies of a ticket. Now only mobile tickets on smartphones are accepted.  

According to Fortune, the stadium entry has become easier. Last summer, fans could skip the security line and instead enter the stadium by placing their finger on a mounted tablet or a screen. The finger scanning would allow them entry into the stadium.

According to CNN, the Yankees’ average attendance is down by about 1,500 tickets per game or 4% than last year. 

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