Yemen asks the US to Apply for approval before Military Action

The government of Yemen has asked the United States to halt all ground military action within the country. The Americans can only do so if they have full approval from the hosts. The Yemenis were concerned about US actions after a botched anti-terror raid authorized by the Trump administration killed civilians, including women and children. A US Navy Seal also got killed during the raid. The January 29 operation, according to the Yemeni Government, seeks an absence of coordination between the concerned officials.

Operation objectives

The operation was mounted by the Americans to collect the maximum amount of intelligence on the Islamist terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula or the AQAP. This will help to organize and execute future strikes against extremist groups. It is hoped that the future terror attacks will also be easier with the new-found information. Another objective-similar in importance- was the capture of Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of AQAP.

A defense official of the United States, however, has denied that anything has changed when it came to counter-terrorism efforts mounted by the American military. He said that the Yemeni establishment was clearly notified of the raid before it took place. Mark Toner, the present spokesperson of the US State Department, said to the media that all counter-terror operations mounted by the media were in accordance with all international law. He said that the activity was done with the Yemeni Government’s coordination. He warned that the United States will continue in its mission to degrade, destroy and disrupt ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Yemeni views

Toner reiterated that Yemen suffers from the AQAP threat. He said that the Yemeni Government under President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi has been an excellent partner in the US fight against terrorists. The spokesperson said that the United States will continue to partner him and also his representatives. He added that the strong partnership will continue and it will ultimately eradicate the ISIS and AQAP from Yemen. The Hadi government is the only internationally recognized one and is now presently administering from Aden. The capital Sanaa is at present under the control of Houthi rebels, along with other strategic parts of the country. The Yemenis are now looking hard at any future operations to be done by the US military. They said that the raid was a wrong move and Al Qaeda was the only benefactor from this fiasco.

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