York Seniors meet Senator Kolterman

Seniors of York, Nebraska, met Mark Kolterman, the Senator of District 24 on August 1. They met post lunch at the Senior Center. Kolterman has already served three sessions as the state senator. He is up for a reelection in 2018. The senator has already announced his intention for running a second term. It was also acknowledged by him that almost 50 percent of the seats in the lawmaking body of the state will be available for election. The surprising matter is that it comes only after two years. About 18 fresh senators have served only two years until now in their posts.

Professional experience helped

Senator Kolterman explained his recent “retirement post” a lengthy career in financial or insurance industry. He brought his lifelong knowledge and skills with him to the state legislature. He said that he is on the Health and Human Services Committee due to his background. It helps that he has an excellent comprehension of that area's insurance aspect. The legislator gave his opinion on the matter, saying that he is in favor of slashing 10 percent of the particular budget area, it will be an ideal step to do. However, he continued ruefully, he has not done so. In the process, the system has become much more efficient.

According to Kolterman, he believes in some kind of term limits. However, he cautioned that limiting terms come with continuity loss and a gap of institutional knowledge. It is important to know how the political system works so one can be effective. He continued on to say that the elected representatives becomes completely effective only after two years. The senator said that in case the term limits issue crops up again, he would send in the proposal to go for four year terms for three times.

Retirement committee

Senator Kolterman has also served on a number of committees due to his background. These included banking, insurance, and also commerce committees. Speaking to seniors, the senator reminded them that he also chairs the Retirement Committee. The latter, he explained to his audience, oversees retirement plans of five states. He said that he enjoys his work in the retirement arena. He finds it challenging and rewarding too. Kolterman takes his job extremely seriously. He makes sure that the plans are financially robust. Before he was assigned to such committees, he had served on the Agriculture Committee. It is not a surprise that the Senator supported the upcoming Keystone XL pipeline.

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