Zacoustic Announces 2018 ZCX Conference

Zacoustic, the pioneer in employee-customer calibration, announced today
that their 2018 Zacoustic Customer Experience Conference (ZCX) will be
held September 19-21 in Austin, Texas.

ZCX is an invitation-only event that brings together global CX leaders
committed to improve global customer experience, reduce customer
attrition rates, and drive healthy revenue.

Executives from organizations which currently leverage Zacoustic to
engage their employees and generate customer feedback for every
interaction will share their stories with attendees. Zacoustic CEO, Tim
Lavin emphasized that “Attendees will further calibrate their
perspectives on leading technology, such as AI and bots, and approaches
that are delivering the most impactful business results today as well as
those that are poised to do so in the near future.”

ZCX attendees will get to experience the vibrancy of Austin with
scheduled events around the 2nd Street District while
enjoying the beautiful weather of late September. Zacoustic COO, Chris
DeSimone said, “We hope this year’s ZCX conference will ignite
intelligent discussion, exciting networking opportunities, and robust
learning for our attendees.”

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Zacoustic is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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