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Zoom shares Update on 90-Day Plan to Address Issues and Improve Security of Zoom’s Platform

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) has published a blog post by founder and CEO Eric Yuan.  It focuses on its 90-day plan to identify, address and fix issues to improve safety, privacy and security of Zoom’s platform. 

CEO Eric Yuan said, “As I mentioned in my message on April 1, Zoom has seen tremendous growth and new use cases emerge over the past few weeks, and we are committed to ensuring that the safety, privacy, and security of our platform is worthy of the trust of all of our users — both new and existing. In that post, I laid out a 90-day plan with steps that we are going to take, and we’ve wasted no time. 

To that end, I am excited to announce two developments: we have officially formed our CISO Council and Advisory Board, including security leaders from across industries; and Alex Stamos has joined Zoom as an outside advisor to assist with the comprehensive security review of our platform.”

CISO Council will be utilized to engage in an open discussion on privacy, security and technology issues which include ideas to collaborate.  Alex Stamos has joined Zoom as an advisor.  Alex is a professional in cyber security.  A current Adjunct professor at Stanford’s Freeman-Spogli Institute and a scholar at the Hoover Institution.  He has previously served as Chief Security Officer of Facebook as he handled mitigating information security risks for the 2.5 billion users of the company. 

Yuan said, “We are thrilled to have Alex on board. He is a fan of our platform and will no doubt help us implement controls and practices that are best-in-class. For some more information on why he has decided to join us, you can read Alex’s post.  We are grateful to Alex and our CISO Council members for their vote of confidence in Zoom and their desire to help make us even better. Together, I have no doubt we will make Zoom synonymous with safety and security.”